Feeling Alone While Developing?

Feeling Alone While Developing?

Added on 16 March 2021

I have recently been asked this question from one of my clients "I am feeling blah, seems like the more I ground, the more I open, the more I feel alone & lost. Just wondering if everyone who is trying to develop goes through an "alone" period?,  I can't be the only one wondering  around with a blindfold on”

When we consciously decide to develop it can be a lonely place, we may develop in groups, or with a friend - but our development is ultimately a lone journey - two people’s development pathways will rarely be the same & of course if you develop alone it can be sometimes a very silent place to be. Not a calm silence but a noisy one - filled with all of our mental chatter & with no replies - just heavy silence. Like pealing an onion, clarity with one thing is quickly filled with the clutter of another.

As our energies change & fluctuate, they bring people in & they push people out, like the moon waxing & waning, so one day you can find yourself close to your loved ones, the next feeling like a stranger. It can be a mixed time, as you open to spirit & therefore also ground energies more your onion peeling to some extent emotional.  Your thoughts change, your views & perceptions change, you can get very confused all of which are things you often have to deal with alone. Any lies you have convinced yourself where fact can start to fall apart leaving uncomfortable truths for you to trip over, like a kids building bricks left out on the carpet overnight for you to step on in the dark. Issues you never gave much thought to before about the basic foundation of your own life can be questioned, which will unnerve a lot of people, as it means you may have to face what humans dread the most - loss & change.

In the case of the question above, as grounding takes place & a bit more rubbish leaves, it can leave an empty space - so make sure you open as much as you ground, you need to do this any way to get balance. If you would rather you can always imagine the empty space & fill it with light, love or something which is wonderful to you. An empty space will always be filled when it comes to energy, so focus on love. You may also find that feeling alone has a lesson for you, it is from being alone that we find ourselves. From where we can learn to start true & deep personal communication, from where we can really heal.

Feeling alone is to be expected, not avoided - it holds magic, it is a sign of progress & it comes to us all at some stage, or even though out our nonstop development .

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