Getting Messages from Spirit

Getting Messages from Spirit

Added on 17 March 2021

Hearing Messages from Spirit can often be hard, & there is much to write on the subject, but I hope what is below benefits you if you find this blog post. 

All too often either because of being a newbie to development, having recently lost someone or in dire need of answers we expect communication to be plain, simple & obvious, we can expect to hear it in our ears & in very understandable language format, & for that disappointment often follows.

Unless you have a good link to your own guides & understand how they communicate with you personally, you can be left floundering when it comes to hearing messages. Yet as with all things this is down to expectations & false beliefs about how communication takes place. Media has left us to believe that messages are direct & hard to miss, yet they are often very subtle, & as with most things Psychic or Spiritual never listen to social or media view of how it all works.

If one of your many Guides in Spirit wishes to communicate with you, as you are on the same vibrational level they will happily do so, yet we may not hear it if we expect it to come from a different perspective. Stop trying to listen literally. Listen instead with an open mind, be calm & get on with life, & it will come when you’re ready to hear as you will not be blocking the connection with expectations.

Even where there is a strong link to your own guides messages can still come from subtle means when not expected.  You may have asked them for something, some advice or answer & when you not expecting it, therefore open & relaxed, you may get a feeling, a knowing, as your intuition is triggered by Spirit. You may come across an article, person, conversation, or book which gives you what you need as you're directed to where you need to go, & you may find what you need comes to you in a dream, or coincidences. In whichever way, all of a sudden you have your answer or know where to find one, & yet there was no meeting between you & Spirit which you could say was a definite happening.  Spirit, like water, will take the easiest route to give you what you need if it is for your greater benefit, so always trust the answers will come, but be prepared to find it in all manner of random routes.  

It is natural to ask a question & expect an answer in return, yet time is not the same for Spirit as it is us, & while we wait for the answer, we are tense, expectant so not congenial to reception. Ask, relax & walk away from the question gains faster replies than waiting.

Often, we do not like the reply, what comes to us is not acceptable, we simply cannot do or accept what comes to us. At such times we can either blame Spirit for not understanding or the mind for being negative & Spirit for abandoning us. Yet Spirit is not at fault: We are. The ego does not wish to 'lose' in some manner, yet that does not change solutions & answers. So, when you find that you cannot do what is asked or take what comes to you then it is time to look at that aspect of you & what within you says ‘no!’ as how your ego rebels against what is given does not change facts, it only changes what you can accept. 

Physical Signs: Often we can also ask Spirit for a physical sign, traditionally there are many – white feathers, robins, pennies, butterflies. Yet if you wish a sign, know what you will take as one. Without that how will you know? Yet be careful of being too specific, take responsibility & be realistic or else you could miss a million messages simply because you're being too specific in what you ask for. Sometimes you may ask for a rainbow, realise that seeing a picture of one or hearing the word, or a song about one can be as much the connection from Spirit as one in the sky, be prepared for flexibility.

Loved Ones: When we sadly lose someone, we can yearn for them to talk to us, yet the same rules apply as written above. It will not be as it was when they were living, if you see it as a dimension or a universe it is between us then you may see that it cannot be the same.

If you are not good at communicating with Spirit in a manner which you enjoy, why presume that it will be the case with a loved one in Spirit? Nor them with you, being in Spirit does not mean that you’re an excellent communicator in any way. Nor does it mean that vibrations match, loving someone does not mean communication will be easy for either party.

Often communications are ignored as expectations get in the way, or the specific nature of signs wished for is simply too complex or the pain of grief does. It can be easy to forget that even in Spirit we must heal & learn, & that often means communications with those of us earthbound simply has to wait, even if that is years. Yet, you often find that if you can allow for messages to come to you that your guides will answer & pass on messages. But again, you must not hold on to a reply, however hard that may be.

So, ask, relax, let go of what you wish to know & be prepared for it to arrive in a million & one ways. Trust & tell yourself that you are a clear channel for Spirit & accept at the point of asking that sometimes what you seek may not be ready to be revealed to you & what you get may lead you to more questions or the need for more patience. 

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