I Was Talking to an Accredited ...

I Was Talking to an Accredited ...

Added on 17 March 2021

Having spent a long time in the Spiritual & Psychic arena I often come across the word Accredited: An Accredited Medium, an Accredited Healer, an Accredited Reader etc.

This makes people think many things, such as:

They must be good at what they do

They must be worth the money

They must be true in all they say

Yet, whenever I see 'accredited' next to a medium or readers name I always smile. To me it does not mean they are at the top of their game, or wonderful at what they do, it simply means they have been accredited to one person’s belief system/view of the psychic or spiritual world or method or working, & this does not mean they are true Psychics of any kind but have subscribed to an idea created by another. As Spirit themselves cannot hand out certificates or titles it natural to want to hold something which tells the world you can do the thing you do, & of course to harness abilities we often go to trainers, & this often means coming away with a certificate when it comes to structured courses of specific development.

To be accredited, as mentioned means the person has taken a course of some kind, taken part in someone’s philosophy & been awarded the accreditation.  Now this can work two ways.

1: The person has taken a course or been part of a select group long enough to pass their ‘test’

2: They paid for a course which only wished for the money & would pass anyone if they paid.

If someone holds an accreditation or certificate, before you hang on their every word or choose them for your guidance, find out what their accreditation means, what its beliefs structure is, don’t fall for the word itself, find out how that Psychic has interpreted it & added it to their services or their given advice. Delve in, see what values are at its heart, & at the Psychics heart & make sure they are a good fit for you.

Ask what it really means? Accredited equates with quality, make sure it's the type of quality & belief structure you’re looking for & understand that it’s a human being that will be delivering it to another human being, so it may be flawed or changed for reasons good & bad.

We can be ‘accredited’ in all areas of life, study & practice, yet this does not make us correct, better than others, nor true to our accreditation. It simply means we can use the word Accredited in our advertisement of ourselves to gain acclaim & place us higher up than someone who is not.

Working within the Psychic/Spiritual world requires dedication, openness to primarily develop the self – emotionally, mentally, practically & as well of course spiritually. It requires a dedication to truth in all areas of the self. Seeing that someone has an accreditation, does not guarantee this.

When someone working in our 'field' trades on having an accreditation or has some level of fame & also trades on that, be it free or paid for, I find that people can hang on their every word – they must speak facts due to their accredited status. Yet this can often not be the case. Leaving people blinded by a title, not the true state of what is afoot with either the accredited spiritual worker or themselves.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, you may read this as an accredited Spiritual worked & be 100% true to Spirits message or energy when you pass it, you may have worked hard to gain your qualification & be a truly open channel of love, & make people aware that your just the channel which mean they have to listen to themselves & take on what only they can feel to be true. Maybe as you read this you have followed & taken great satisfaction, guidance & healing from an accredited soul. Yet sadly my beautiful friends there are those who are not, all fields of work have their ego driven, insecure bad guys - & a lot of them have accreditations.

So, my message from this is to all you out there who feel that someone’s title of Accredited of this or that must make them real, honest or of value to your needs, take time & look beyond. Feel with your own intuition if someone is good for you, or indeed right in their words. Do not look at advice from any Psychic with your eyes open & focused on their credentials, but with your eyes closed and focused on your heart. 

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