Imagination, Patience, Practice & Intent

Imagination, Patience, Practice & Intent

Added on 16 March 2021

When you wish to take an active role in your own psychic development & growth & harness an ability there are 4 main aspects to consider which will help you.


The main key to successful Psychic Development is imagination. You may feel that the imagination is the place of the unreal, of vague impressions & daydreams. But the imagination opens doors for you & gives you the first experiences of your Psychic potential.

The imagination is not to be neglected or pushed to one side - it is of the utmost importance. We are brought up to ignore the imagination, it is for childhood & dreams, not for reality & focus. But it is from the foundation of the imagination that Psychic growth starts. It is here that we have the ability to picture, in our minds, what does not exist outside of us. It is from here that we create.

The imagination is a real force, one that can help you to develop; clairvoyantly you work with symbols & images, pictures playing in your head. A strong imagination helps with this. Your subconscious mind gives you images, symbols & pictorial references all the time - you just have to start recognising them. This is why tools such as Tarot, are an excellent way to get the imagination going.


An important issue, & one that you will fail at sometimes, I’m sure! My own development was plagued with impatience. Remember you are human - so it’s natural to be impatient. Yet it is also very common for developing psychics to try to reach higher than they can maintain from an energy perspective, so they may work to a high level, but drain very quickly as they have not taken the time to learn how to open, ground & balance their energies, or have any understanding of their own subtle energy system. Issues such as these can hold you back years & the draining of energy can make you feel quite unwell.

Development is slow & painstaking, you can have brief, inspiration increases in your growth or spurts of experiences for a few months or years, then nothing for months or years, although your development itself is a lifetime issue. It is just your physical self, regaining a connection with its spiritual counterpart. Conscious spiritual growth takes place initially within the mind, & our growth results from the dissolving of the ego, breaking down misconceptions & experience on a personal level, removing or showing blocks that have been formed within our mind. Upon removal or understanding more of the spiritual self is revealed, & from spiritual growth comes an increased psychic connection. (Although psychic growth is not always related to spiritual growth as it is a natural aspect of our true makeup). Spiritual growth allows for the individuals personality to align with its higher self. More & more with each bought of growth. Psychic growth can be exciting & frustrating, spiritual growth can be hard but welcomed once lessons are realised at a deep level.

Breaks in our Psychic development can happen mainly for two reasons:

1: Changes in vibrational energy. As you grow on an energy level, energies have to ‘settle down’, it doesn’t mean that spirit have left you even if it feels that way. Have faith that they are still there during such times as your connection will return. But like a stone being thrown into a pond, the ripples work their way to all areas.

2: Life has to be lived; we can forget when we develop that life is a vital aspect of being psychic. We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience for one reason only – to learn. At times we are left to do just that.

So, enjoy all & any growth, however small, have patience if it ‘appears’ to have left you or the level of development that you find yourself doesn’t change. This is all natural. Do not rush & do not judge your growth with that of another!

Practice & Commitment

Maybe this should be called Dedication. Psychic & spiritual development requires dedication, wishing & dipping your toes in the water will not make radical changes to your psychic growth. If you wish to develop you will have to put in the hours! Reading a book on psychic growth does not maketh the psychic.

Development is a hard road at times. Practice is a definite ingredient. Even if you are a ‘natural’ you will still have to harness & work out what is what.

I often hear people say I have brought some Tarot cards & after a year they still confuse me .. so, try a different method, ask questions such as why did I really buy them? What do I really expect a psychic connection to be like? What are my motives? The same applies to all tools or methods.

Make whatever method or tool or ability shines most to you a daily part of your life. Build a relationship with it, allow yourself to become friends with it. Don’t take it out of the closet only when you have need of it, or another wants it. Each day, connect to it in one small way or another.

Often, we have a set idea of what we wish to be .. I want to develop to be a Medium .. but what if your energy is not suited to that? Maybe you’re a Clairvoyant or a Healer? Sometimes we need to step back if we are dedicated, as often we do not see the woods for the trees & honesty is needed. Allow your spiritual self to direct your development rather than the ego.


The thought in your head, the desires that drive you will determine the outcome. You wish to be open to spirit, you wish to find & develop your abilities. Spend some time thinking about what you really wish development to bring you.

If you believe that spiritual or psychic gifts will enable you to live an all-knowing existence - you are wrong. If you feel that by opening yourself to spirit you will stress free or gain respect from others, wild riches & turn non-believers you will again be wrong.

Make your intent a pure one, a sincere pack with your own self. To be the best that you can, to be a pure, clear channel for the highest good, expect no rewards from heaven or anywhere else. Do this because it is for the highest good of You as an individual, an integral part of the universe.

This is important, a lot of travellers leave the path as they feel let down by spirit, disappointed by growth, frustrated by a lack of fame, stress etc. that they leave & feel bitter about their attempts to grow. Intent caused these issues, nothing else. Your expectations can cripple you or heal you, they can place you in a rut or drive you forwards & those same principles apply to psychic development as well as any other area of life.

Take some time right now to think about what you wish? Are you on the way towards obtaining it? What’s in your way? – is it fantasy or fact? Why are you developing? Be honest & grow with ethics & integrity.


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