Mini Meditations: little daily holidays!

Mini Meditations: little daily holidays!

Added on 17 March 2021

How often do you take a break from life? Probably more often than you think! I don't mean flying off to a resort somewhere but daydreaming with your cuppa, or while waiting in those annoying traffic jams.

Why not spend that time being more productive? I am not saying that daydreaming is bad - I do it quite a bit & get inspired by it. But, when you're low or lost, using those daydream times to be mindful, can bring life into focus & solutions can be found - especially if your daydream moments are of the worrying, problem compounding kind!

Mini Meditation's

Breaths: You do not have to be a meditator to take this form of mindful time out a few times a day, you just need to be aware of your breath & take even just a minute to yourself.

Depending on where you are, eyes closed is best, but eyes open is just fine. Just take a breath in & drop your shoulders as you breathe out. For a while, just focus on your breaths, be aware of your body & the tension within it. Relax with each out breath. Bring your focus to your physical self. Let go of life - even if for three breaths. One minute of bringing yourself back to reality is better than none & 10 minutes is even better.

Do it as many times a day as you wish & with all things mindful - the more you do it the deeper the feeling of relaxation you will get.

After time you will also be more aware of tension within your body as well as not being present with issues, enabling you to be more aware of your present moment.

Visual: Although the breath may be a common tool used in meditation, so are the eyes. Within Tratak, what is seen is meditated upon. This can also be used for Mini Meditations.

So, you're stuck in a cue! boring isn't it. Yet it need not be. Take time to really see what is about you? how much plant life can you see? take time to see the beauty in a weed clinging from a crevice on a shop front, the dirt on a car, or the sky. Or maybe the pattern on the coat of the lady in front, take note of it, allow your eyes to glaze & see it within your mind. Let it take you to new or positive places within your head as you take your mind away from your present situation. 

Feel: Whilst still in that cue, or at home, jam, work or anywhere, take time to feel physical sensations. The weight of your shopping bag, the smoothness of your steering wheel, the feel of your trousers around your right leg. The temperature of your skin, fluid in your mouth & throat as it travels to your stomach, the hair about your face.

Be aware of some aspect of your physical self, just a small part, home in & be present in that part of your body - even for a second or two. (More is better, but I am biased)

Smell: We are all aware of the power of smell. A smell can take us to faraway places within our minds, to an era within our lives long gone. This aspect of smells as well as smell itself can be used for a Mindful Get Away.

We can either ride the memory back via the smell & mindfully observe or be mindful of the smell itself. For the latter do not shy away from smells that you would rather not have a whiff off! Be Brave, bring a new meaning to wake up & smell the coffee.

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