Negative Energies

Negative Energies

Added on 17 March 2021

It can be common for people to feel the presence of negative energies and to attribute them to Spirit. Yet, more often than not, they are feeling themselves or the emotions of another. 

There is nothing in Spirit to worry about, as Spirit are love.

You are Spirit. Your Higher Self is with you, as are many, many guides, so you have a whole Spirit army about you. 

When we view Spirit, or anything for that matter, we view it through our own subconscious lens, our own pre-programmed view of the world. So, if something comes up that presses one of our buttons, it can trigger whatever emotion is linked to that button – be that fear, love, trust, or an unnerving feeling that something is not right.

As mentioned, quite often, this may not even be Spirit but a part of your own self. The only doors which open to us as we work with Spirit or develop our abilities are ones which we have chosen to open. Your own guides are there with you, as is your own Spiritual self, so remember that they are your abilities, and you control them. 

Negativity is a human condition, not a Spiritual one for the most part. So, if you find yourself scared of Spirit, get the willies at the thought of this or that, or something creeps you out, instead of looking to ghosts, ghoulies, or the potential of evil or malevolent Spirits, look towards yourself and your own mind for the answers. 

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