Psychic Ability vs. Gifts

Psychic Ability vs. Gifts

Added on 16 March 2021

We are all drawn to psychic development for many reasons. Some have a fanciful notion of the psychic side of life, thinking it to be magical, full of danger or myth. Some approach the psychic side of life after serious incidents within life, others experience a gentle awakening that can take years to manifest into any solid personal understanding, & for many other reasons. Many, venture into development thinking that it is a ‘gift'. Something which is bestowed to a few, or handed down through bloodlines. The later can lead to feelings of disappointed to those who do have a family link to the psychic world, if they do not appear to have any visible gifts present within themselves. Seeing it as a gift, can also stop people from developing if they do not feel any latent signs of it being present within their lives. 

The word ‘gift', denotes something special. A gift of sight or healing, magical & given with care, & only given to a select few. If seen as such it can be a hard issue to grasp, as you have to feel worthy of such a ‘gift' in order to receive it. It is this aspect which can cause problems, as it is not that psychic growth is a ‘gift' which makes it hard to obtain, but the expectation that it is one, & your subsequence relationship with that expectation.

I put psychic growth in the ‘ability' camp. We are all capable of psychic development, growth & experience. It is not a select ‘gift' but rather it is part of the human experience. As spiritual beings we all have a link to the divine (however you perceive that to be), leaving us all potential psychics.

‘Potential' is the word of note. Without belief that development is possible, or that an experience is of a spiritual nature it will be brushed off as a trick of the light, or turned away at the doors of logic. The psychic muscle is like any other: flex it or lose it.

To one degree or another we are all capable of seeing things via energy, just as to one degree of another we are all musical or artistic. I cannot play an instrument, hold a note, nor draw – yet with practice & dedication I am sure that I could improve. Even those who with natural talent have to hone in & develop it in order to enrich it. Psychic ability is no different.

Gifts can place Psychics on pedestals. Abilities take that magic away, as anyone can reach out & grasp them.  

Being titled as a ‘gift' can raise the psychic to a high status, make their every word golden, truth & facts must be spoken, even when they are clearly not. Ability on the other hand, shows determination to be an open, clear channel, to question the source as well as the self before information is given. There is no pedestal, just a human who have dedicated to development.

Gifts imply God. Abilities a human experience. Christianity is probably the original instigator of the ‘Gift' tag. My own grandmother was a Christian Spiritualist; there were no abilities for her, just God given gifts. Yet she, as with you & I - are spirit. If we are spirit within a human shell, then we are all divine, therefore all God. Gifts cannot be that unusual to posses if we are all gift givers.

It is the human element of our existence which gives us the chance to explore our abilities, to reach out to our potential & it is within the mind which we find our own barriers to work through. Our spiritual self has no need to become psychic, our spiritual self is already 'in the know', it knows us warts n' all, 'we' on the other hand seek to understand that hidden element of ourselves. It is the human mind which wishes to sneak a peek behind the veil of the unknown & look at its higher nature.

I'm not throwing the word Gift totally out of the psychic picture, it has its place, & for me it is in recognising that the gift comes from having a subconscious mind. A mind which can grasp the concept of a spiritual self & have the courage to delve into it in order to develop an ability which can open the heart & mind more than any other I have yet to find.

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