Psychic Development, The Sunrise

Psychic Development, The Sunrise

Added on 17 March 2021

Once the decision is made to start on a psychic pathway, we can expect changes, & not all of them will be to our liking. What we are doing will shatter our own illusions & those we share our lives with. This comes as a shock to those wrapped up in the naive magic of psychic growth.

We are spiritual beings within physical bodies. We have to search ourselves to create a balance. This can be hard to do as we often feel pulled in one direction or another. Once we start to open to spirit, we feel more & more restless when we lie to ourselves. So, expect personal discomfort. It is unavoidable as our subconscious minds dwell within their programs, telling us this is wrong, that is bad - go this way or that, but spiritually we feel curious to take steps into the unknown. Some are propelled by out of the blue experiences, others by media hype. Either way, the spiritual self needs expression & it has chosen the psychic pathway to do so.

When we are connected to spirit, the Universe & to our own God, we are lifted, & as we progress along our path, we often find that during human moments of doubt that we go lower than we did before. We realise that developing abilities is not a magic wand, it does not give us insight into all aspects of the self. We still have to work at being human.

Family & friends may also not understand or even tolerate our chosen path & our desire to further our spiritual nature. This can be met with jokes, belittlement, judgmental comments, or even hatred. You have to understand that this is borne out of fear, due to a lack of knowledge & very often misinformation.

You are searching for truth, your own truth & that is a lone journey that others may not wish to share. Do not argue, just ask for acceptance from those you love & do not dislike those who you neither know nor care about you. Do not try to convince anyone of your path, just let them be.

As you open, you will work out the kinks. This may cause you to feel like you are on a roller coaster, up and down. Doubt, confusion & impatience will be companions, as will high spirits & enthusiasm when you create a link to the divine within yourself as well as outside.

You may find that you go to extremes - from wishing that it would all go away, as you were right it is a load of rubbish, all this psychic stuff is nonsense to, must be evil & yes there are fairies at the end of the garden, & aliens are coming to get next Tuesday! Notice both when they happen - get some reality, patience & grounding!! Until you have made friends with your spiritual self, your moods & views will vary from extremes, yet it will settle down if you persist. 

You will find that life may even be harder if it is not in tune with what your spiritual self is trying to guide you towards & achieve, relationships may change, you may feel guilty as you feel drawn into different directions from those that you love. If you push back these changes that call to you - they will lay in wait till you notice them. By consciously opening to spirit you are asking to be put on your pathway, to live your own truth, so do not be surprised when life changes. Be prepared for this.

What you experience may be intense and totally absorbing but try not to get too caught up in these experiences as they will hold you back. An experience is not the All, it is just an experience - keep your feet on the ground.

You may have an idea as to where your Psychic abilities may lie, or you may not. Loosely hold any ideas that you may have, as you will often find that goals shift as development starts. You may wish to be like another Psychic. This is fine if you hold that person up as a role model yet limiting if you desire to be like them at the cost of ignoring Spirit, while they are trying to guide you towards your own growth.

At times, our gifts seem elusive, magical things that others have, & when we start to feel our own, they can become absorbing, just to watch them fall away again for a while. Be objective, look at your own development realistically. Energy comes & goes like waves within our lives, & so it does within development. If you want a constant, you will not get it. Expect changes on all levels as your gifts naturally grow & enhance your life.

Spirit knows what is best for us, as it is their domain, if you follow their guidance then your growth will be steady. Let the sunrise, see what this phase of your new spiritual life holds as you will only gain insight by walking in the shoes that you wish to wear.

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