Psychic Titles

Psychic Titles

Added on 17 March 2021

Get ready to be confused ... 

Over the years, one inconsistency I have found within the world of Psychics, Mediums, Healers & Clairvoyants is the use of terminology. This arises due to the Spirit worker not really understanding "what" skills they have or using their own cultural terminology, which confuses someone from outside their culture. So, it can all get a bit confusing!

I call myself a Psychic Clairvoyant, yet I have contact with my guides, so I must be a Medium, but I rarely give proof of survival, so I do not claim to work as a Medium, or call myself one to avoid confusion. I am also a Channel, which again is a form of Mediumship, yet I do not call myself such. Professionally, it means I do not get clients wanting to contact a deceased loved one, which saves time for me as well as any potential clients who wish for such. 

Although it can be handy to understand what the titles mean as we have to call ourselves something which people can grasp, it is always wise to ask the spirit worker, or reader, themselves what they do, & mean by their descriptive title.

A brief look at the main three

Psychic - mental forces, telepathy, extrasensory perception. 

Medium - contacting & being able to communicate with spirits of the dead

Clairvoyance - the ability to see/feel/sense things beyond our normal senses 

It can get muddled as we can refer to ourselves as a mixture of the above, & there is no point going to see a true set Clairvoyant if you wish contact from a family member who is in spirit, although both are Mediums in theory. Go to any dictionary & all titles are intermingled, which also does not help.

Confusions with the word Psychic

The word "psychic" originally meant: 1: being affecting or influenced by the human mind; and two: outside the sphere of physical science. It is a mind-based word, pointing to the arts of telepathy, remote viewing, & intellectually directing energy to another place, etc. Psychics gain a mental connection which they can read & instinctually "know".

Yet it is most commonly used today as an umbrella term for all spirit workers, & as such, it does not really tell you how an individual works spiritually – just that they claim to have or actually do have a connection to spirit which they are aware of & utilise.

Confusions with the word Medium

I was brought up to understand that a Medium could provide ‘proof of survival’, bring forward loved ones in spirit, & did not give you details of your future or deal with your personal problems. Which is often the case if you see a Platform Medium. But, as there is a spiritual connection, there is also the ability for direct contact from guides & teachers from spirit, not just loved ones. This is not just the case.

You can divide Mediumistic skills into three main areas.

A Physical Medium - is a Medium will either allow, or has not worked out how to stop, those in spirit from entering their own energy & physical space. They will be aware of pains and physical sensations as it is the mind & body of the Medium which is used. This means they can even take on the mannerisms or likeness of someone in spirit. The Medium can be fully aware of this happening & can allow spirit to use their voice to talk or relay messages for them, yet they can also be what is called a Trance Medium – which as it states, requires the Medium be in a trance state & is not aware of what is occurring yet has given permission for it to happen in those experienced.

A Channel: All Mediums are channels; this simply means a flow of connective energy or wisdom through the mind or body which the Channel (i.e., the Medium) allows to flow to its intended target in words or energy. This means that Healing is a Mediumistic ability also.

A Mental Medium: No, this is not an indication of their sanity ... Someone who uses Mental Mediumship, such as myself, has a connection to spirit which takes place within the mind rather than in the body, with that connection being translated into imagery and seen as Clairvoyance.

Which takes us on to Clairvoyance ... confused yet? Confusions over the word Clairvoyance.

Welcome to the Clairs, all 7 of them.

Clairsentience - (clear feeling) Perceive information by way of strong, emphatic feelings & emotions from spirit or from another energy.

Clairvoyant - (clear vision) See with the mind’s eye objects, colours, symbols, people, spirits, or scenes, which are not visible to the naked eye & usually flash into the Clairvoyants mind or run like a picture show & which can be looked at in greater or lesser detail if needed. Often a very unique language formed from the subconscious symbolism present within the Clairvoyant which is utilised by spirit, or the mind's reaction to the energy received from the subject.

Clairaudient- (clear hearing) Perceive sounds or words from sources broadcasting from a spirit, often actually heard within the ear.

Clairempathy - (clear emotion) Sense or "feel" within oneself the attitude or emotions of another person. This can also include feeling another real physical pain, although this only happens in those who choose to or have not realised that they do not have to.

Clairgustance - (clear tasting) The sense of taste used to give a message from spirit or from the energies of another.

Clairscent - (clear smelling) Smell a fragrance or odor coming from the spirit.

Clairtangency - (clear touching) This ability is commonly known as Psychometry. By holding an object or touching an area you perceive information about the article or its owner or history through the palms of your hands. This can be a Spirit based event, or like most of the Clairs, via information received from energy being perceived by the mind.


So, you see ... when it comes to definitions, it is all a bit of a muddle. You rarely have one single ability where you do not find another in addition. It is a magical spider’s web; one thing is used to enhance another or to bring another ability into focus.

My message to you is to realise that someone can be all the above as equally as they may just have a single ability from which they can grow or have perfected. Ask how a psychic can assist you with your personal issues rather than relying on a title that may or may not accurately describe them or may differ due to your own interpretation of what the title means.

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