Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Added on 17 March 2021

Most think that a Soul Mate/Twin Flame is a lover, our ultimate partner & someone whom we can rely on to fill the void, replenish our energies with love & trust.

Yet, & although many may disagree, this is not the case, so I am sorry if I remove the romanticism for anyone.  Soul Mates etc in spiritual terms fall into two categories.

1: In its true sense a Soul Mate/Twin Flame would be an aspect of your own Higher Self.

Your Higher Self can split off into many personalities at once, so although it may be present during one incarnation at a time, at times there may be more than one branch active in the physical world. If the latter is the case, then these individuals will have the same core energy as you & vibrate at the same frequency, even though due to different life realities they will have different personalities & life pathways.  You are not the total representation of your Soul or Higher Self - you are one aspect of that. 

If your Higher Self has other aspects of you here in the physical world, then it is not just your personality moving your Soul forwards. Each personality will be different to gain different insights, learn different things, & achieve different goals. Some aspects of you will be in spirit, guiding & otherwise learning, some will be within the Soul or Higher Self.  In this true reference of a Soul Mate, it is rare to meet one, unless for higher reasons, as pathways will be different to enable multi learning, not for love, romance & fantastic sex. It is only in recent years that this preoccupation with Twin Flames etc has taken rise, yet you will simply be seeking yourself. This leads a lot of people holding on to negative relationship, or normal ones with inflated expectations of them.

From a Spiritual perspective, being with another aspect of yourself has little value, it can happen, but rare. So, although meetings cannot be ruled out, there is absolutely no reasoning to suggest relationships would be in anyway of the romantic kind & could be as destructive as they could be harmonious. Soul Mate meetings are often to clear energy & can be painfully intense as attraction is usually strong as pathways need to be trod independent of each other to maintain life & lesson progression. Yet please do not presume that every intense relationship you have had is an aspect of your soul-self meeting, it is often the result of ego & expectation stemming from the human existence.

2: The other description of a true Soul Mate in spiritual terms requires that we are all part of a spiritual race - therefore all connected & carry linked karma & baggage. 

We travel through incarnations within the same spiritual groups until links are undone or created, so we often meet, or are even born into relationships with soul mates, within soul families. When karma & links are undone/created this is often difficult, & most of our Soul Mate relationships can be destructive, difficult & make us feel powerless as past energy is worked through. Yet these relationships can also be filled with immense love, creativity & satisfaction as you know that you belong. 

How many times have you met another, regardless of age or gender, & as soon as you have met you have parted with no animosity - you aid them or vice versa & a few weeks or minutes down the line, the energy dies & you part with energy exchanged from a simple smile to something more profound. A Karmic exchange from a soul mate. 

We romanticise Soul Mates & Twin Flames, we hope for a singular, perfect soul who can provide & fulfil our need for love & acceptance, allow us to become whole. A task that can never be performed by another, but only by the true self integrating with the personality our life has created.

So, when you insist that you must meet a Soul Mate or Twin Flame to be happy in love, realise that it is not a Soul Mate or Twin Flame you really seek, but a Life Partner - a likeminded soul, an emotional teacher & confidant, an equal who in turn we can teach & support. 

When we solely look for a Soul Mate or even a Twin Flame from a romantic perspective, we ignore those in life who can give us love. We can miss that person who is meant to travel with us in life, to heal us, for us to heal in return as we look for some perfected notion of what real love is. When seeking this perfection, we often avoid our own imperfections, of which we all have many, yet expect so much from the other in return, & when they do not deliver, we blame them for not being all they could be - after all, they are meant to be our divine 'other half' within our dreams, or someone our soul is deeply connected to & foretold. When in reality they, like you are a fallible, struggling human being trying to work out their own inner self. 

We would all like to think that there is one sole person out there to complete us, & the Universe must have a say in that magical act, yet it is us & our own choices, decisions & actions which determines our relationship choices. Our level of personal acceptance over our own inner issues will decide who we attract & what we keep, not a divine force as that is there simply to guide us as we learn. See everyone you meet as a Soul Mate, as we are all spiritual beings, from your parents to the man who cut you up on the motorway the other day, & you will find joy in others faster & ultimately in yourself.

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