Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Added on 17 March 2021

You have many Guides in Spirit, a whole army of them, and not all of them are with you for your lifetime. Some come and go, some are with you for specific aspects, some just for certain times in your life.

You yourself are spirit, and so your spiritual self is your main guiding energy. Your Spirit Guides come in many forms, from loved ones to others with karmic links/spiritual family, to ones who can learn from working with you (yes, you keep learning in spirit, the journey does not end).

So, what is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is an energy linked to you vibrationally. In other words, its energy is sympathetic to yours and is on a journey to which your mutual energy is attracted.

This can be for many reasons.

They may have been a part of your physical bloodline, spiritual family, and karmically linked in some way, assigned to you, or attracted to you, as they specialise in a specific area which you can provide them or you. Either way, for the duration a Spirit Guide is with you, you will have some common ground.

Is a Spirit Guide with me for life? 

Some will be, most won't. Some energies can be with you from before an incarnation and beyond. Others will be with you for life phases or specific issues throughout your life.

I only have one Spirit Guide. 

No, you have more, many more. You are your primary guide, or should I say, your Higher Self is. You are Spirit. With you, there will be many energies at all times, some permanent, others transitory. However, everyone will be concerned about your spiritual development and spiritual wellbeing.

You have an army of positive Spiritual Guides at your disposal, protecting and guiding.

Do Spirit Guides know everything?

Our guides, like us, tend to have their own areas of interest and specialities. What they know or understand themselves will be based upon their own vibration, which, although a lot higher than ours in the physical, is also hindered by their own gaining of wisdom and further to their own growth. So, see them more as experts in their own fields of interest or vibration. 

I never seem to be able to 'meet' them.

You don't see the air you breathe, yet you’re confident it is there. I would not worry if you cannot make contact. This can happen for many reasons, yet the most common is people’s expectations of what communication will be like. I once knew an exceptionally good Medium who never had communication from her own Spirit Guides yet worked very well. Too much emphasis is placed on contact as being important, which blocks what is trying to be achieved.

Meeting guides can get bogged down in the experience and expectations of that experience. However, because spirits are not physically alive, we cannot interact with them in this manner, and Spirit will always take the path of least resistance. So, while we focus on the elusive face-to-face meeting, they are already talking to us through dreams, ideas, inspiration, creativity, love, and many other means. Yet we seek solid proof. The trick comes in changing your perspective, seeking to know your own Spiritual Self (as your own Higher Self is also your Guide) as you, yourself, are Spirit. We cross these dimensions within our minds, which takes training, practise, and dedication to realistic expectations, not just of ourselves but also of spirit. At times, we just have to accept that they are there. Our not seeing them does not mean anything; it just means we are not consciously aware of them.

Connecting to one of your Spirit Guides

I teach by guided meditation and discussion how to make a connection with your own Spirit Guides, but prior to that, some questions need to be looked at. If you wish to have a conscious link with them or one of them in particular on a personal level, you need to ask why you wish this connection.

Are you ready to build a relationship with a Spiritual energy that is connected to you on a personal level?

Will you allow an energy who will not have the emotions you have to develop alongside you, which can break illusions for you? Are you ready for that level of personal change?

Do you know what you want to use this connection for?

Are you prepared to meet not with a Spirit Guide, but with an aspect of your own subconscious mind - which is equally valuable?

If the answer is yes to all the above, then maybe it's time to find a way to start that journey & sometimes you can just start talking to them & give one a name. They will not mind what it is. Yet if you talk to them, be quiet & patient if you wish to listen to their messages. 

How will a Spirit Guide come to me?

Like meeting a Spirit Guide, I will briefly talk about it as a long subject in its own right. It is common for a Guide, when first coming to you consciously, to take a form that is comforting to you. A form your subconscious mind will not reject, so you may find an animal, a simple shape, an object or colour, or a relative, yet this form can change as your relationship deepens. You may find that if you have an interest in something such as angels, Native Americans, or fairies, then this is how your guide may come to you. While this could be their natural chosen form, it can be easier for them. As mentioned, Guides will take the route of least resistance when dealing with the human mind, or we will reject them very easily. So, take what is given & allow it to change if it wishes to overtime. 

Yet in the initials stages you may not even get an image, but a feeling, a signature feeling - treat it the same & you will grow. 

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