Why Can Psychic Development Be So Slow

Why Can Psychic Development Be So Slow

Added on 17 March 2021

Why is it so slow? 

Frustrating, isn’t it?

If Psychic Development were instant, we would have nothing to strive for & it can be slow for many reasons. I am often asked how long it takes to develop Psychic Abilities, which is an open question with many answers, so I hope you find an answer below.

Psychic Development often falls into two categories, even with those who are born aware of their abilities.

1: Instant opening. This can lead the individual to deeper growth, or they can decide to stay put – depending on what they believe they can achieve, & can also lead to number 2 below.

2: In spurts – this is the norm for most of us. We Psychically develop then often Spiritually grow, then develop a bit on & so on.

Yet whichever way it is, the subconscious will determine how our own personal Psychic Development journey will really pan out for us as individuals. Beliefs given in childhood will govern development. This can cause blocks, & hold development up for many reasons, forcing some to leave the pathway. 

It can also be common for people to focus on areas they want to develop, such as ‘I want to be a Clairvoyant’, rather than the ones which are open to them on an energetic, vibrational level, such as being a Healer etc. 

When this occurs, the ego blinds us to hearing Spirit, & seeing the signs - as what we ‘want’ is the focus, rather than what can be achieved in relation to our vibration at that given time.

In all cases taking the road of Psychic Development often means we must be prepared to deal with our own mental & emotional rubbish in order to be a clearer channel, yet a lot think that being more spiritual will heal whatever ails, so then do very little to clear issues themselves. Development is not a magic wand to pain, or suffering no longer, people who develop still have ‘life’ happen to them, in some cases even more so. 

Most see Spiritual Growth as being the same as Psychic Development when they are different. 

People can get stuck within their Psychic Development, as well as get stuck within their emotional & practical lives at the same time. The wise know the two are one & the same, yet there is often a feeling that the spiritual & practical are separate. It is always from one we learn about the other. With one we need to learn to hear, listen & feel the subtle changes and messages, with the other we need to act, do, create & deal with. They go hand in hand. Yet our Psychic Abilities arise from being a Spiritual being, it is a by-product if you wish .. but you do not have to have a Spiritual belief bone in your body to develop as a Psychic. 

Our intent for wishing to develop our Psychic Abilities can also become a hurdle. People wish to develop for many reasons, for money – to earn a living is common if people are honest, yet also to avoid personal responsibility, to be ‘more than others', to be enlightened to avoid pain, to control others, to make them feel good about themselves, to not feel empty, & many other poor reasons which create a block. Those who confuse Spiritual Growth with Psychic Development can think it will bring them enlightenment. 

Having no real ‘goal’ can also make us feel that Psychic Development is just going nowhere. The larger picture is looked at, which in reality is not even a small glimpse of what spirit can achieve, but in human terms, we look at the ‘all’ which we would like to have from our own viewpoint. Yet we rarely look at the reality of the journey. In broad sweeping statements we can say ‘I want to be a Medium’, or ‘I am developing to be a Medium’, yet these statements do not give you an outcome, or a tangible emotional focus. It is far better to ask yourself ‘where am I now with my Psychic Development, & what should my next step be if I wish to develop as a Medium?’ Leave all & any grand development jumps alone, just focus on that next step – even if it takes a decade to learn.

If you are not sure of what that next step is, letting go of developing can often bring it to your attention, as can gentle meditation that is not based on any outcome – meditation for the sake of meditation. It can also be wise to really find out what being a Medium etc is, what it really means to you? by getting a clear-cut definition in your mind you can create a stronger focus. Yet as mentioned, it may not be the best route for you, so be prepared to let go of a psychic dream in order to follow a truer pathway should it emerge as you journey!

The statement of 'I wish to be more Psychic' or terms similar can also lead us astray, they have no focus. Psychic - but in what manner? are you aware of your abilities now? what are they? what specific area do you feel drawn to? Find some focus then start to travel.

Development, both Psychic & Spiritual are journeys that take a lifetime, each incarnation we seek to get back to the spiritual in one form or another, yet we want it here & now, so impatience, can trip us up. Psychic energy & Development are side effects of being a spiritual being. There is a need for instant gratification in most things & the initial bought of Psychic Development we get either out of the blue or from trying can frustrate us as greatly as they are often followed by great periods of calm, yet no growth. 

Little is it realised that we have to allow dust to settle in between each bus stop along the route of our development & or course, it is not the arrival that is of importance, but the journey. Gaps between development can be days, years or even decades – sometimes lifetimes, we simply cannot rush the unrushable, but we can check to see if we are standing in our own way.

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