Why Psychics Should charge

Why Psychics Should charge

Added on 17 March 2021

Psychics' charging for their services is a time-old argument. At times, the clients feel it should be a free service. Other times, new Psychics fear charging just in case they are not good enough. At the other end of the spectrum, you have readers who charge £200.00 plus for their time and those who are willing to pay for it.

Yet I feel strongly that we should be charging for what we can offer others. Why? Please note below that I am writing from my own perspective and that of helping others develop over the last 35 plus years.

Dedication to Development & Personal Growth

It takes time to develop, years, even decades for some. In fact, we never stop developing; it is a constant chain of growth if it is a pathway dedicated to. This takes time, energy and a directing of our personal lives in accordance with the energy transitions it gives us, and sometimes they are not pleasant.

Dedication to development often means a dedication to personal truth, acceptance, and personal responsibility. All are hard on their own, as you will know if any one of them is your own life hurdle. Most Psychics, rather than pushing aside their own difficulties, go to great lengths to find their own truths. This means a lot of changes for them, which most would avoid, yet such an important aspect for most who choose to stay on the development pathway. Each block out of the way makes us more authentic = a clearer channel.

Dedication to development allows the Psychic to be able to put themselves to one side to deal with your issues. While in many cases, their own lives are worse than yours, yet they are dealing with their issues in order to be a better channel to help you with yours.

Dedication to a Tool

If a Psychic chooses a tool such as Tarot, for example, it can take many years to truly bond with the tool chosen. This alone is time-consuming, takes many hours & mastery of any Psychic Connection Tool is worthy of respect. It means that the individual has gone beyond the normal practice, reading of books, even courses, and frustrations to build a relationship with the said tool in order to help not just themselves but also the client, as it serves as a means of connection, or strengthening of their connection to their own Guides or Spiritual Self, which in turn helps others.


If you call any professional, be that a plumber, mechanic, counsellor, or therapist of any other kind other than Psychic, you will be charged for their professional time. Time is valuable; once gone, it can never be regained.

My time is of great value to me. A Psychic once told me that "what is free can be thrown away," which is certainly true. If you know that you can get your car's paintwork retouched for free, you will not really care how you back into that space near the concrete post ... the same with anything free if you’re one of life’s takers. Sadly, most people who ask a professional psychic for free guidance are on the want-something-for-nothing list. These people will frequently disregard the advice given and seek out someone else, most likely again for free, to give them what they want, regardless of whether they liked what they heard or not.

My time, once wasted on someone who does not wish to listen or be helped, is at least eased by knowing my time has been paid for, rather than thrown away by what I call a "Psychic Leg Humper" or "Freebie Hunter" – take whichever one makes you smile the most.

Personal Qualifications

I am not talking here about sitting in a circle or getting a certificate to be a reader of this or that, but qualifications which help folks from a counselling perspective, although the former certificates still come at a cost of time and study.

Most Psychics, whatever kind they are, soon realise that they deal with grief, loss, abuse, and many other issues such as anxiety, confidence, depression, even suicide, in clients, so they go that extra mile to learn how to become therapists or counsellors to one degree or another, which, as with that dedication to development, often costs not just time, personal sacrifice but money. In order to help others more, they reach out to other areas for knowledge, which in turn changes their connection to not just spirit and themselves, but to the client also.

Some old arguments from the would-be client's view:

“it's God's work, it should be free!” It is not an argument I have heard for a while, but "it is God's work" was one I used to hear a lot. Yet if I were a priest, nun, vicar, etc., I would be paid for God's work. No one works for free when they do God's work – even a house is provided. Sadly, most of us mere mortals have bills and mortgages, and the argument assumes that the Psychic is a Christian.

We are all Spiritual beings; Psychic Ability is a natural aspect of that; some choose to develop it. It's no different than committing to learning how to play an instrument or any other ability. Even those to whom it comes naturally have to learn how to develop it. 

"I can’t afford to pay" Many times, when you hear this, you then see the person get into a nice car or see on Facebook about a holiday or night out. This line does not work for me, and although some cannot afford to pay, it is often those who do not wish to take money from one area of their lives to put into one of therapy, guidance, or advice who seem to say it the most. If they consider psychic work to be fortune-telling, titillation, and entertainment, they will discover that they must pay even the companies for such services, which is why they will only ask the lone psychic for the professional freebie! Readers beware.

“I don’t believe in it, it’s all lies, prove to me you're real first” Sigh to this one & to such folks, God could appear in front of them, as could a long lost relative & still they would find a way to disprove you. I can’t speak for you as a Psychic reading this, but long gone are the days when I proved anything to anyone. Ask such people to find someone else to entertain them, as they do not wish your help, but someone to argue with for reasons often stemming from spiritual insecurity connected to faith issues. After all, in the UK the Mediumship Act was still active less than 100 years ago, so we were all still frauds, & this sticks in the minds of many, as do the Witch trials.

What many know about what a Psychic is & the reality about what a Psychic does are worlds apart in most cases. Myth fills the gaps of those who have not read the details of any particular Spiritual Worker, & as we all differ it can cause issues for those who doubt it all.

New readers often ask questions about what to charge. 

“I’m new, should I charge?” A difficult area for all new Psychics.

Often, they feel guilty for charging due to some of the issues above. They doubt if they are good enough yet. Only you, as the Psychic or Reader, know when it’s time to start charging & it will usually be when you realise that most of the folks chasing you want something for free. It’s a wake-up call. Please realise that this is not all people, but things being free can bring you those Freebie Hunters in droves & your energy (physically as well as psychically) can take a beating – yet a worthy lesson lies within.

Once you realise that both your time, energy, abilities, and dedication to those things are worth something to you, then you will pass that cost on to others.

Money is energy, so charging is simply an exchange of that – Spirits advice, wisdom, or energy via a channel. In exchange, that channel (the Psychic/Reader) gets to pay their bills = win-win!

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