Confusion & the Eight of Cups

Confusion & the Eight of Cups

Added on 19 March 2021

The Eight of Cups is a card which can come to us with some confusion.

We have strong feelings that we need more to make us happy, or complete a situation. We have given a lot of time, love & commitment to an area of our lives, or even a separate one - yet know that we need to make some changes.

There is no certainties with this deep need for change, we use our courage to move forwards with as we will not be able to really see the road ahead as we go searching for the missing ingredient we seek, even if we have no real idea what it is.

It is not a risk free card, but one which we often feel in every fiber of our bodies as we set out on a new journey. Sometimes this is to add to what we have, & others to leave it all behind & start again.

Eight of Cups

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