Why the Five of Wands can leave us frustrated

Why the Five of Wands can leave us frustrated

Added on 19 March 2021

The Five of Wands can leave us frustrated. Being fire & a 5, it brings a lot of enthusiasm about communication.

Yet, that enthusiasm only seems to be with the person expressing themselves, for the most part & in most situations. The nature of the card offers us many people who all feeling the same about their own opinion.

This leads to a whole array of views being bandied about, with each person as enthusiastic about their beliefs as the next. Each one certain that their view is the best, or right one.

At times this leaves everyone talking about a different part of the elephant as they touch it blindfolded. Arguing about the same thing from a differing perspective. Others vastly different issues are brought to the table.

It offers a time when hurdles can get in the way due to the opinions & views. It can slow things down leaving us feeling that nothing is going right.

Often this cards energy is temporary, it, like the expressed views it can quickly erupt into disagreements, yet once that is done, solutions can often be found.

While it is in full action, it can make us feel that compromises will never be reached, or that our views are not worthy of others consideration. In that, we are told to listen to the others involved. As they to feel the same.

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