Imagination, your key to psychic development

Imagination, your key to psychic development

Added on 16 March 2021

Imagination, key to your psychic development

Your imagination is many things, but did you know it is also the gateway to your psychic awareness.

Just like the fish within the budding psychic energy of the Rider Waite Page of Cups, they are jumping & disturbing the calm waters of the mind of the young page with curiosity.

The main key to successful psychic development is imagination. You may feel that the imagination is the place of the unreal, of vague impressions & daydreams, where it opens doors for you to your higher mind & gives you the first experiences of your psychic potential. The imagination is not to be neglected or pushed to one side as it is of the utmost importance. We are brought up to ignore the imagination; it is for childhood & dreams, not for reality & focus.

But it is from the foundation of the imagination that psychic growth starts. It is here that we have the ability to picture, in our minds, what does not exist outside of us. It is from here that we create. We all have the ability to imagine. In some, it may be a bit rusty, but it is still there, a human sense that needs developing. If I ask you to imagine a little fish, what do you see or know inside your head? Or maybe even a yellow tree, a blue dog, or a hand-sized whale. They all conjure up an image or a sense of an image. These images are the foundation of your own language with spirit, as they are your own language with your own subconscious mind, unique to us all.

The imagination is a real force, one that can help you develop. Clairvoyantly, you work with symbols & images, pictures playing in your head. A strong imagination helps with this. Your subconscious mind gives you images, symbols & pictorial references all the time; you just have to start recognising them.

Maybe to start your fishing lessons, you could become the Page of Cups, creative, playful, sincere & daydream about what can be. To allow the imagination to flow, you have to be inquisitive, open to all that there is. If that means believing in the man on the moon, then do so, as from fantasy can come truth, as the magic of the imagination shows us our own truths. We can journey into the unknown and catch the fish that matter to us at the given stage of our development. Sometimes this stage can lead to fear; the boogie man is under the bed; daemons lurk in every corner & the psychic world is full of evil. The imagination can lead us down these dark alleys. This is neither good nor bad for the individual; it is simply a process that some experience. As they move forward, they see the pathway clearer & the love it contains. Leaving those fears behind and replacing them with wisdom. If you find fear, throw the fish back; find a brighter one until you can see the truth of the fear that was felt.

Of course, this stage can also be a magical one, full of possibilities, some unrealistic, others solid. You may dream your way through some of life’s situations & lose focus of reality. But it is a journey & this stage of development is usually seen in its true light many years after it has passed. It puts into place for those later years an innocent, creative, inquiring mind, which seeks to see where others may refuse to look. It opens doorways that stay open, that direct you to firm pathways within your psychic & spiritual evolution.

If you wish to develop, buy a fishing rod for your imagination & dare to believe that anything is possible.

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