Pendulums 2: Personal Questions

Added on 17 March 2021

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The most common reason people wish to own and work with a pendulum is to answer personal questions. This may be because they know the answer is within their own mind, yet they cannot consciously reach it, or because they are using the pendulum as a Psychic tool to connect to either their own Spiritual Selves or their Guides.

I recommend that you develop a relationship with a pendulum before using it as a psychic tool, but even if you do, keep in mind that it could still be your own wise mind answering.

You can continue to ask Yes/No/Maybe questions, yet this can be limiting when faced with a personal issue. Circle charts can be used and written for each individual situation you wish to ask about.

Pendulum Charts 

These are simple to do; all you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

To begin, consider your question or concern and write it down on a piece of paper. If you wish, you can draw a circle around it.

Imagine that you're unemployed & looking for work & decide to ask your Pendulum, see the picture. Once you have placed your question in the centre – draw lines outwards with possible answers. You have your Yes/No which you can ask anyway, but you're also not sure if you need to study, or be more committed to what you want to do, or even just travel & take some time out?

Around your question write down all the alternatives to your concern that you can think of - most importantly make sure that you write OTHER or SOMETHING ELSE down as often we do not think of all the options. From your question, draw lines, sections radiating out to separate your options.

Relax & focus on your question & allow the Pendulum to do its work.

You can start a new chart once you have your answer. For example, your pendulum goes to the section of "Too Lazy." You can start a new chart asking why you're too lazy to find a new job. It can have sections which cover all the reasons why you’re not applying yourself, as long as it still has the Other section added. How many options you put around your chart is up to you; it depends on how many things you can think of. If your pendulum swings to Other or Something Else, then you know you must find out what that is, yet you will be aware that there is something else for you to consider and you need to do some brainstorming.

If you understand your own writing, then all will be well. It’s a creative process and yours to take part in. Once you have built a relationship with your pendulum, you can learn to trust its answers.

Shown is also a Yes/No version on paper, which you can try.

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