Pendulums 3: Healing

Pendulums 3: Healing

Added on 17 March 2021

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Pendulums 3: Healing

Lastly in this series of three pendulum blogs is the issue of healing. Although a pendulum itself cannot heal, it can be used as a diagnostic tool. Please remember that whatever it tells you, you are not a GP, so take medical advice.

This brings me to the issue of the pendulum giving you bum advice – if the answers come from your subconscious, as they do, regardless of whether they come from there alone or from Spirit, when they come from your own mind, they can be fuelled by a misplaced belief system, so if you fear something, it may well show the fear, rather than the fact.

But back to the healing issue.

A pendulum can be used in many ways. Below will be 3 ways.

Energy Healing in Person: This is often done with another person as it is hard to do on yourself and is often something used by Healers. After time spent getting to know the language of our own pendulum as well as the energetic bodies we have, the Healer can use the pendulum to either move over body parts or the Chakras to determine imbalances etc.

If you’re a Healer reading this, it may be something you wish to add to your own practice, as not only can you have access to issues which your own subconscious mind picks up on, you also have your Guides' voice as well as the energy system of your client talking via the pendulum. Yet you may have to find some willing guinea pigs while you learn your own pendulum language, even though you may find it backed up by Clairvoyance.

Self or Distant Healing: This method can be used in two ways, the second being the pendulum charts mentioned in Part 2 of this series. 

Yet you can also use the pendulum over dolls with Chakras drawn on. I used to have a toy monkey I called Chakra Monkey. His chakras are a bit faded now, but I know what they mean. You can buy or make your own chakra dolls and various other tools to use. A picture of chakras can also be used, or a small chart if you have one. Get creative with some colouring pens. Of course, with chakras, of course, you do first need to understand them. 

You can also use drawings of the body to pinpoint areas of concern. Most magazines have images of men, women, and children - they do not have to be likenesses of the people - but you must engage with the image as being uniform for all men, women, children, and so on.

If you use either a doll or a picture, you have to, like all things, gel with it and build a relationship with it in conjunction with your pendulum.

Healing Pendulum Charts: As with personal issues, you can use the chart for healing issues for yourself or others for self-healing or distance dealing. It can be wise when using a chart for health, so add options for mental and psychological issues as well as physical. 

Be creative, stay with it and find a way that works for you. 

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